Talking about the 3 characteristics of encrypted casinos (virtual currency casinos, bitcoin casinos)

Crypto Casino

Crypto Casino (Virtual Currency Casino, Bitcoin Casino)

If you are interested incryptocurrency,blockchainTo play the game, first of all, you must first find a reliableCrypto Casinoto make a selection. There are two types of casinos you may choose at this time:

  1. Traditional Casinos Offer Cryptocurrency Deposit Services
  2. cryptocurrency casino

Traditional Casinos Offer Cryptocurrency Deposit Services

traditional casinoWhy can it be classified as a crypto casino, the reason is the deposit method. The deposit methods of traditional casinos include online banking payment, supermarket payment, transfer, etc. In order to get close to cryptocurrencies, they provide more deposit methods of cryptocurrencies. Usually the selected currency isUSDT(Tether),ETH(ether), the more mainstream currency. Small coins are less likely to be accepted, because they do not have technical personnel in this area, and they are just a gimmick to provide the service of cryptocurrency.

Games are not usedblockchain technology, the same as those traditional casino games, such as:Video games, fishing games, live games, lottery bettingAnd so on, the same are those game dealers who specialize in casino games, such as:BBIN, BNG, OG, SAand many more.

cryptocurrency casino

Cryptocurrency casinos, also known as "Crypto Casino", "virtual currency casino", "Cryptocurrency Casino", "blockchain casino", "bitcoin casino", "Bitcoin Casino"Wait, this kind of casino is a new model, and the biggest difference from traditional casinos is the deposit method and game content.

This type of crypto casino is to transfer money intoDecentralized Wallet(cryptocurrency wallet) to play, for example:TronLink,TT Walletand many more. The game played is calledDAPP(Decentralized application), in simple terms, DAPP is a bit like AppStore and GooglePlay Like the APP on the website, it is just an application developed through blockchain technology.

Traditional Casino vs Crypto Casino

Disadvantages of traditional casinos

  • Traditional online casinoRegistration requires real-name authentication and a bank account to be tied to. It is necessary to upload ID photos and passbook photos. There will be a risk of capital outflow
  • Traditional online gaming platformThe winning rate of some games can be controlled in the background, and there is no certain fairness
  • traditional online casinoThe withdrawal process is complicated and cumbersome, and the money must be approved by the official before remittance to the bank account bound at the time of registration
  • Traditional online gaming platformIf you want to change the bound account, it must be the same name and you must rerun the process before you can change it

Advantages of cryptocurrency casinos

  • virtual currency gambling siteYou don't need to bind your e-wallet with your real name to register, and you don't need to recharge in advance
  • virtual currency gameWithdrawals do not need to be reviewed, every bet in the game is written back, and there is no risk of being hacked by the platform
  • blockchain casinoAbsolutely fair, don't be afraid of black box work in the game, the lottery result is based on the block hash value generated by your transfer as the basis for winning
  • Crypto Casinois a legal online casino
Crypto Casino Online Casino
legitimate totally legal few legal
way to register Decentralized Wallet traditional account
privacy No personal information required Personal data, bank details
risk none Personal information leakage, legal issues
Game record Fair and open Non-public, with the possibility of tampering
Deposit speed Stable and fast generally fast
Withdrawal speed Stable and fast Unstable and cumbersome process
age limit none 18+

Crypto Casino Features

There are three features of crypto casinos:

  1. Deposit cryptocurrency instead of traditional cash
  2. online security
  3. fair and open

Deposit cryptocurrency instead of traditional cash

on-lineCrypto CasinoWhen making deposits and withdrawals, traditional banks are not used. what you need is aDecentralized Wallet(Cryptocurrency wallet, virtual currency wallet, electronic wallet, digital wallet). Decentralized wallets are safe, convenient, and accessible from anywhere on the planet, allowing you to come and go in crypto casinos without the hassle of being tied to the same casino.

In addition to providing great convenience, decentralized wallets are also very secure because you don't have to worry about someone stealing your personal, financial information and misusing it in any way. After all, gambling and financial transactions go hand in hand, wouldn't it be nice to be so safe?

*A cryptocurrency wallet is a type of electronic wallet, but an electronic wallet is not necessarily a cryptocurrency wallet

online security

At a reputable crypto casino, you don't need to worry about falling victim to a potential cyber attack. That said, most trusted crypto casinos use a high level of security, such as: encryption, SSL certificates

SSL certificate

SSL certificateA standard specification for establishing a cryptographic connection between the host and the client, SSL creates a layer of security around your Internet traffic exactly when gambling.


encryption methodMake it impossible for your data and information to penetrate online. Most trusted crypto casinos use end-to-end encryption to encode all your information, making it impossible for hackers to crack. Armed with this encrypted information, we can safely say that crypto casinos are the safest online space you can join the world of online gambling.

fair and open

Most of the blockchain games provided by encrypted casinos will be designed through the characteristics of the blockchain. For example, the hash game (Hash value game) is played through the block hash value (Block Hash).
Because the hash value can be searched on the entire blockchain and cannot be changed, you might as well try this absolutely fair and open encrypted casino chain game compared to the chance that traditional casinos will randomly change.

Conclusion of Crypto Casino Talk

Because bitcoin appeared early, many virtual currency casinos are bitcoin casinos that use bitcoin to gamble, but the fees of bitcoin casinos will be more aggressive, because they have to pay for transaction gas fees, and some traditional online The casino is parallel, and you can use virtual currency to deposit money, but it can still be faked, and it is very troublesome to withdraw money.

Bulk Crypto Casino UseDAPP technology,E.gMars Hash Casino, after binding the TronLink wallet, click the bet signature to place a bet, unlike other hash value casinos that need to copy the address to the wallet and paste the transfer before placing the bet, and the event rewards do not need to be distributed manually, just click on the game platform After receiving the prize, the system will automaticallyUSDTandTRXPut into your bound TRON wallet (TRON wallet), and the betting and withdrawal bonus pool of Mars Hash Value Casino is open and transparent, and anyone can verify it. (if you are rightTronLinkIf you are interested, see → 7 Steps to Install TronLink Tutorial)

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