2022 Taiwan Blockchain Game Using Tron Chain Gaming Game

2022 Taiwan Blockchain Game Using Tron Chain Gaming Game

Taiwan Blockchain GameCurrently still in development, blockchain technology needs to be used Web3 (also known as Web3.0) technology is a new technology that has only been acquired in the past two years. Due to the novel technology and the fact that most online resources are available abroad, Taiwan specializes in Web3.0, writingsmart contractofblockchain engineerStill quite rare.

Although you may feelTaiwan NFTThere are many projects,Chinese Blockchain Game EngineerThere should be a lot of them, but in fact, almost none of the NFTs on the market currently have "empowerment", they are just pure works of art, and blockchain engineers will not be required to write smart contracts. Because the threshold for issuing NFTs is low, there are so many useless NFTs on the market, so there is a saying that 90% of the NFTs on the market are useless.

What is blockchain?

blockchainIt is a permanent and irreversibly modified record generated by superimposing the encrypted data (Block) in chronological order (Chain). In a sense, blockchain technology is a new "information transmission" technology in the Internet era. The following describes the process steps of this information transmission technology:

  1. A wants to send money B
  2. The transaction is represented by a "block" on the network
  3. The block is broadcast to all participants in the network
  4. Participants agree that the transaction is valid
  5. The block was later added to the "Chain" which provides a permanent and transparent record of transactions
  6. Funds are transferred from A to B

If you still don’t understand it, let’s understand it in another way. The technology of blockchain information transmission is actually a bit like “Line group chat”, but it does not have the function of retraction.
Today, Xiao Ming typed a series of messages in the Line group and sent it, but later found that the content was sent to the wrong group, but he couldn't take it back, because the message had already been sent, and other people in the group would also know.

What is a blockchain game?

blockchain gameIt is a trading game developed based on the blockchain model. When we talk about blockchain games, we mean games that use blockchain technology for one or more aspects of their gaming experience. Gamers are empowered by blockchain, allowing them to have full ownership of digital assets, and in some cases, gamers can even control entire games.

Advantages of blockchain games

  • It has economic value: Blockchain games will use digital assets as circulation value. Games based on blockchain technology are speculative and can attract more investors and users to a large extent.
  • The rules of the game are open and transparent: all data transactions will be conducted publicly, which avoids the possibility of "black box operations".
  • Decentralization: All assets are owned by players and are not subject to participation and tampering by traditional game developers and investors, which protects players' interests from damage to the greatest extent possible.

Disadvantages of blockchain games

  • Lack of excellent works: Even though the blockchain game market has occupied a large share of the game market, it was once favored by users, but most of them are gibberish, and the game itself has poor playability.
  • Narrow market: The threshold for entering the blockchain game market is high, not only digital currency holders, but also familiarity with the operation process of the currency circle, which creates a great obstacle for expanding the market.
  • Policy risk: Currently, Taiwan's relevant regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain have not yet come out. The government does not know how to restrict this area, but there is still a certain risk.
have economic valuelack of excellent works
The rules of the game are open and transparentnarrow market
decentralizationpolicy risk
2022 Blockchain Games

Mars Hash Taiwan Blockchain Game

Mars Hash was developed by Taiwanese game makers in 2022Blockchain Casino Games,useDAPP technology, an online encrypted entertainment city developed through the characteristics of TRON's fast transaction completion and low gas costs, as well as the open, transparent and non-tampering nature of the block hash value.

Is Mars Hash Taiwan Blockchain Game Free?

The answer is no, you must have at least 100TRXor 10USDTOnly you can play, but the Mars Hash game has permanent play discounts, and the first bet discount is almost 10%.

Mars Hash Taiwan Blockchain Game Recommendation

Mars Hash currently has 7 TRON games, One-on-One, Lucky Hash, Dragon vs Tiger, Lucky Zhuang Xian, Guessing Odds and Evens, Guessing Big and Small, and Fried Golden Flowers. (Want to know about Mars blockchain gameplay visible → Mars Hash gameplay details)

Mars Hash Taiwan Blockchain Game Teaching

If you do not have digital assets, you can register for a Binance account → Binance Registration Teaching
If you already have a decentralized exchange account, create a TRON chain wallet to play → 5 Steps to Create a Tron Link for Tron Wallet on PC

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