Binance Registration Teaching

Binance Registration Teaching

What is Binance?

Binance Exchange (Binance) was founded byChangpeng Zhao, with the world's leadingblockchainThe asset trading platform also operates the entire Binance ecosystem. It contains more than 600 cryptocurrencies to choose from, provides a variety of financial products, has an average daily transaction volume of up to 76 billion US dollars, and has 90 million registered users.Cryptocurrency newbiepreferred registrationDecentralized Exchange.

Binance Register

Binance Signup Offer

Each time the recommender successfully recommends a new user toBinance Exchange, as long as newly referred users trade in any Binance spot or futures market, they can receive commissions from transaction fees. You can set it yourselfTransaction fee discountFor your friends, different fees can generate different links to facilitate control, details can be foundHow the official website works.

Binance Anti-Commission Rate

邀請人的每日 BNB 持倉 邀請人的返佣比例 被邀請人的返現比例
Less than 500 BNB
Greater than 500 BNB

Binance Teaching|Detailed Binance Registration Process

The following is the registration teaching + KYC verification process.registration page


● National ID card, passport, driver's license
● Selfie photo (with hat off)

Binance Registration Process

Step 1: Choose to sign up by phone or email, AppleID, Gmail
Open the registration page, choose to fill in the e-mail / phone registration.
Step 2: Verify Email/Phone
Receipt Verification Email/Telephone. After verification, the registration is successful, but you cannot use Binance's services yet, and KYC certification is required.
Step 3: Click "Verify" above, click "Start Now"
Binance Exchange released a message on 2021-08-20, the content is that new users must complete "intermediate verification" before they can use the service to protect user rights.Important Update on Binance Authentication
Click "Verify" above, and click "Start Now" under the verified column.
Step 4: Upload your ID photo
Binance does not accept photo uploads from the web version, only viaBinance AppUpload photos.
Step 5: Upload a Selfie
When uploading selfies, please do not use filters, take off your hat, or wear glasses in a well-lit place.
Step 6: Verification complete
Verification is complete, waiting for review. Faster for a day, slower for a week.

Binance registration failed?

registration failedThe reason may be that the verification of the mobile phone or mailbox failed. Remember that the mobile phone or mailbox cannot register the account repeatedly. If you find that the verification code received is very slow, it may be that the system is busy. Please try again in a few minutes.

Binance Intermediate Verification(KYC certification) may fail because the photo is not clear, too dark, not bright enough, etc.Binance audit failedAfterwards, it is better to take a new photo instead of using the old photo.

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Possible Binance Scam?

Binance ExchangeIt is one of the top virtual currency exchanges in the world. There is no possibility of fraud, so you can register with confidence.

But if someone with a heart wants to defraud you through the exchangevirtual assetsIt is possible, because of the secrecy of the blockchain we still have to be careful, like those strangeStock Investment GroupIn the same way, as long as we are careful not to listen to rumors, there will be no news of tragedies.

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