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daily tasks

Mars Hash Casino Bitcoin Casino Offers - Daily Quests

Event time: 2022/10/17~

  • New users can bet 20 times a day and can receive 5USDT/50TRX rewards
  • Reach an additional 10USDT/100TRX for three consecutive days
  • Reach an additional 20USDT/200TRX for 7 consecutive days

Games other than big and small, odd and even, and electronic hundred can participate.
Daily quest rewards can be claimed within seven days from the date of successful registration

Daily bonus rebate

Mars Hash Casino Bitcoin Casino Deals - Daily Bonus

Event time: 2022/10/17~2022/12/31

Daily turnover (USDT/TRX)Reward (USDT/TRX)

100 masters

Mars Hash Casino Bitcoin Casino Deals - 100 Masters

Event time: 2022/10/17~2022/10/31

Activity content: Extra bonuses for consecutive wins in E-Hundreds of Home Games

6 rounds: Final round profit 10% (upper limit 100USDT/1000TRX)
8 rounds: Final round profit 20% (upper limit 200USDT/2000TRX)
10 rounds: The final round profit is 30% (upper limit 600USDT/6000TRX)
12 rounds: The final round profit is 50% (upper limit is 1000USDT/10000TRX)
15 rounds: Final round profit 100% (upper limit 5000USDT/50000TRX)
18 rounds: Final round income 200% (upper limit 10000USDT/100000TRX)

This event is only available for e-Hundred Games, and each bet needs to be more than 50USDT/500TRX. If it is lower than the event limit, the accumulation will not be interrupted, but the game will not be counted.

There is no limit to the number of times to claim the event, but a group of consecutive winning games can only apply for a bonus once.

PS Betting on the banker/player on a draw, the accumulation will not be interrupted but the round will not be counted, and the betting interval of more than 7 days will not count towards the winning streak.

Flash experience gold

Mars Hash Casino Bitcoin Casino Offer - Flash Trial Gold

Event time: 2022/10/17~2022/10/31

Activity content: Bet any amount of e-baijia, dragon vs tiger, fried golden flower, and the total bet during the event period reaches 100USDT/1000TRX, you can apply for a 100TRX experience bonus

PS Each account can only receive one trial bonus.

Activity Notes

Through the on-hook tracking software, multiple transfers are made on the same block number, and one person and multiple addresses are paired and other arbitrage behaviors.Never enjoy all casino activities.

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