2022 Taiwan Blockchain Game Platform Recommendation

2022 Taiwan Blockchain Game Platform Recommendation

Taiwan Blockchain Game Recommendation – Mars Hash Game

Taiwan2022 Blockchain Gamesplatformonline now,Mars Hash GameThe block hash value is used to play the game. The block hash value is like the order number of the bank withdrawal. The only thing that does not repeat the whole process is to leave traces. It only takes 3 seconds to play a game, and the address of the gold pool on the chain is provided to increase the credibility of the game.

Mars Hash is a game project developed in 2022. At present, the game platform has the most conscience in the industry and only needs 0.02. Other Hash casinos and even traditional online casinos cannot charge such high-quality fees. Now play more and earn more. what are you waiting for?

Mars Blockchain Game Ranking

Mars Hash Game - Lucky Hash
lucky hash
Hash five levels
pass five
hash cow
One-on-one bull

Mars currently has 9 hash games, including heads-up Niuniu, Lucky Hash, Dragon vs Tiger, Lucky Zhuang Xian, Guess Odds and Doubles, Guess Size, Fried Golden Flowers, Baccarat, and Five Levels, all of which are used in Mars Hash games. The block hash value is absolutely fair, open, and not fraudulent. (Want to know the Mars blockchain gameplay is visibleMars Hash gameplay details)

ranking1st placeArticle 23rd Place
Number of gamesOne-on-one bulllucky hashBaccarat
Number of good reviewsfried golden flowerOne-on-one bullLucky Village
irritatingpass fivefried golden flowerDragon vs Tiger

Blockchain games use technology – DAPP

At present, there are only a few blockchain mobile games in Taiwan. Mars Hash uses DAPP technology to enable players to play easily on their mobile phones. The following are those with and without blockchainDAPPThe difference in technology, it is obvious that Mars is in the player's perspective, paying special attention to the player's experience.

What is DAPP?

DApp that is Decentralized Application Abbreviation for , which translates to go toCentralized application, also known as distributed applications, just like a variety of APPs are loaded on smartphones, applications on the blockchain are DApps.

The above explanation may still be incomprehensible, in other words:IOSsystem andAndroidThe app developed by the system is run on the blockchain system, and then combined withsmart contract, it becomes what we call DApp. After such an explanation, is it clearer? It turns out that DApp is directly linked to blockchain technology, and is a decentralized and blockchain application.

Blockchain games are not usedDAPPDisadvantages of technology

  • Every time you place a bet, you need to copy the address to the wallet and paste it, and the bet is counted after the transfer. The process is cumbersome and does not feel like a game.
  • Event rewards need to be distributed manually, and you need to contact the game customer service to receive them, which is extremely inconvenient and inhumane.
  • The prize pool is not public, and it is impossible to know whether the game party has enough rebates to the players.
 blockchain gameMars hashother hash
betting methodClick on the site to betManually enter the address to bet
Activity AwardClick to receiveManual distribution and withdrawal
jackpot poolOpen and transparentNon-publicise
Official websiteHavemight have

From the comparison table, it can be seen that the hash game without Dapp is very inhumane and lacks gameplay, just like ordinary transfer, manually inputting the address to place bets, just waiting to see whether to win the lottery. Some hash game teams don’t even show the game on the official website, but only introduce the hash game by pulling the group. Once the address is wrong, it is easy to form a fraud, which is very insecure.

Mars Blockchain Gamecryptocurrencychoose

The chosen cryptocurrency for Mars Hash Play is USDT and TRX , the reason is that these two are stable currencies. If the game uses the virtual currency issued by Mars itself, players will be skeptical of the new currency, and they have to worry about the price of the currency during the game. This is not us. please.

Some people may be unfamiliar with TRX. Here is a brief introduction. TRX (also known as TRON) is made by Tron Issuance, the advantage of TRX is the transaction speed, BTC is about 6 transactions per second, ETH is about 25 transactions per second, and the transaction speed of TRX is claimed to be 2000 transactions per second!

Tron official website:https://tron.network/index?lng=zh

What is a blockchain game?

Why are blockchain games so popular now? What is GameFi? Why can Play to Earn?
The game has a long history. From the popular arcades in the past, to the online games that are popular in Internet cafes, and now to the mobile games that everyone can play with a mobile phone, the district fast chain game is slowly approaching, will it become the next milestone of the game?

Simply put, a blockchain game is a game played through blockchain technology. Players in the game can own the real virtual assets in the game. In some cases, it can even affect the game ecology or the future decision-making of the game. planning.

So when we talk about blockchain games, we will observe the degree to which blockchain technology is used in the game. The smallest degree may be to access the data of the ownership of game assets, and the largest degree is that every action of the players in the game will recorded by the blockchain.

What is GameFi?

GameFi is also the hottest topic in 2022. I believe everyone is very interested in "earning while playing". In fact, GameFi is not an innovative concept.GameFi full name"Game Finance", which means "gamified finance", which literally means the presentation of decentralized financial products in the form of games.

So GameFi is actually DeFi (Decentralized financial products), it just makes users feel interesting in the way of games. DeFi The rules of the game are gamified, and the game prop derivatives are cast into NFTs. One of the most notable features is that the user's assets become the equipment or tools in the DeFi game, and conversely, the user can obtain income or rewards in the process of participating in the game.

Axie Infinity Blockchain Game

Axie Infinity

Speaking ofblockchain gameThe most successful case will definitely mention the chain game that will be popular in 2021 Axie Infinity ,Axie InfinityEssentially a game based on the concept of the metaverseNFT games, in June 2021, its sales exceeded 121 million US dollars, and its monthly income was 12 million US dollars, of which the marketing fee income in the game was 5.29 million US dollars, and the breeding fee income was 6.93 million US dollars.

Players need to buy 3 pets before they can start the game. At the beginning of the game, they only need to spend 4 to 5 dollars to have 3 pets, but because the game is too popular later, if you need 3 powerful pets, about 1000USDT is enough.

Axie Infinity official website:https://axieinfinity.com/

blockchain game Mars hash vs Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity The main game is to earn while playing, each pet is independent NFT It can be bought and sold, and each two pets can breed powerful individuals, and then sell these new pets for new players to join. But it is clear that in the later period,Very unfriendly to new playersunfair, you have to buy 3 expensive pets before you can play the game. Once the pets in the market stop flowing and no one buys them, the game will no longer be played, and in order to upgrade/strengthen the pet's in-game virtual currency SLP, will follow the depreciation, the risk is very high.

Mars Hash focuses on breaking through traditional online casinos, making online casinos open, transparent and free from fraud through blockchain block hash value, creating a gaming platform that is fair to players. USDT and TRX, so not GameFi system, does not have GameFi The risks involved are manageable.

blockchain game Mars hashAxie Infinity
Game naturehash gameGameFi
entrance fee1 TRX fuel fee3 pets
How to playgame bettingRaise pets, sell NFTs
use currencyTRX/USDTSLP/ETH

Blockchain Games – Mars Hash Recommendation Conclusion

Mars Hash is a blockchain game rising in Taiwan in 2022. Because it is equipped with Dapp technology, it is different from most of the hash games currently seen on the market. It is a game that wins at the starting point. Because the public is not familiar with and unacceptable to hash games, they would rather choose to play traditional online casinos, but as a result, they are often worried about game odds, personal information and casino withdrawals.

Now that you have discovered the Mars hash, the probability is open and transparent, the smart contract is there, and the block hash value can be queried. What are you still worried about? Apply for the TronLink e-wallet to join this new gaming platform Metaverse. ( Building TronLink Wallet Tutorial → 5 Steps to Create a Tron Link for Tron Wallet on PC )

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