What is TRON? Taiwan's first TRX casino with Dapp technology is online!!

What is Tron? Taiwan's first trx casino with Dapp technology is online

TRONwhat is it?Dappwhat is it?trx casinowhat is it? This article will give you an initial understanding ofTRONInternet, why is the cryptocurrency TRX suitable for gambling, you must delete the traditional online casino APP at hand and join the metaverse gaming platform!!

What is TRON?

tron - trx casino

TRON NetworkAs a branch of the blockchain, it is a decentralized technology platform and a turning point in the entertainment and gaming industries. It has its own cryptocurrency called Tronix (TRX for short, which is also the protagonist of this article),TRON chainThe main design pattern of the is to make it easier for crypto users and developers to distribute multimedia applications and private content between each other.

TRONWhat kind of blockchain? 4 Features of TRON

  • Decentralized internet technology.
  • Cryptocurrency marketplace for developers and end users.
  • Mobile App Market.
  • A cryptocurrency with great potential, even if it operates in uncharted territory.

What is TRX? 4 Features of TRX

  • TRX is the mainnet native token of TRON Protocol issued by TRON DAO.
  • TRX is the basic unit of account on the TRON blockchain.
  • TRX is all natural medium blockchain tokens based on TRC20 (Tron blockchain).
  • TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem and has rich application scenarios to power on-chain transactions and applications.

TRON official website:https://tron.network/trx?lng=zh

If you want to know more about TRC20, you can read this:USDT storage method, what is the difference between ERC20 vs TRC20 vs Omni?

TRONis it safe?

TronClaiming to be highly secure, but there are generally two problems

  1. DDoS attack
  2. Account Security Questions

TRON DDoS attack

In 2019, the security flaws raised by several data researchers, roughly speaking, could be exploited by hackersDistributed Denial of Service(DDoS) congested the entireTron Network, making the network unusable. Criminals can use Tronsmart contractfunction, which loads the network with a virus-like code, and removes the entire network from just one computer. However, the issue is officially "resolved" and a bounty is given to those who report the security hole.

TRON Account Security Questions

for hope inTRONThe end user who buys content on-chain, the key is to save your private key to gain access to your account. becauseTRONIs a decentralized platform, the website that may be your digital wallet will not backup account numbers and passwords, and will not send you an email if you forget your account information.
This is the reason why users can log in to the wallet without using an account number and password, and only need an annotation word. On the other hand, once other people have your annotation word, your wallet will be insecure as an electronic wallet.

DDoS and account security issues aside, Tron appears to be a safe and secure network for users and developers to interact with each other and complete transactions.

What is Dapp?

DApp is the abbreviation of (Decentralized Application), also known as "decentralized application", which can also be understood as distributed application. DApp is based on blockchain and mainly appears on distributed platforms or networks such as Ethereum and EOS. It does not rely on any central server to achieve the purpose of decentralization. Simply put, DAPP is to blockchain what APP is to IOS and Android.

What is TRX Casino?

TRX casino is actually a casino game running on the Tron chain. Tron has extremely fast transaction speed (2000 transactions per second officially claimed), and low handling fees and gas fees. These two points are especially suitable for gambling games. .

Why choose to use TRON instead of EOS Woolen cloth?

The most important thing is that the degree of decentralization of EOS is not high enough. In addition, becoming a block producer requires a lot of infrastructure and financial resources. Not everyone can achieve it, and it may be monopolized by large consortia. Based on the above discussion points, the game development team decided to useTRON chaindevelopment is more appropriate.

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