How to choose ERC20, TRC20, Omni for USDT storage method?

How to choose ERC20, TRC20, Omni for USDT storage method

Most novice investors will have some questions when they store USDT. Why are there three channels for buying USDT? What are the differences between ERC20, TRC20, and Omni? How to buy USDT? To put it simply, ERC20 is the chain type of the ETH Ethereum blockchain; TRC20 is the chain type of the TRON blockchain; Omni is the chain type of the BTC Bitcoin blockchain network. This article will detail the differences between the three and how to choose.

How to choose ERC20, TRC20 and Omni for USDT stored value withdrawal?

USDT stored value

In addition to different addresses, different chain types are selected, and the transfer speed and handling fee are also different.

  • If you want to transfer money quickly and pursue speed, then you should chooseTRON BlockchainofTRC20 chaintype. The TPS of the TRON network has reached 1500 TPS. At present, the fastest transfer to the account isTRON USDT.
  • If you care about the handling fee and hope the transfer handling fee can be lower, you should also chooseTRC20 chaintype. Because of the TRC20 chain type transfer, the handling fee is 0. andERC20 chainThe type of handling fee is 1USDT, which is about 30 Taiwan dollars faster. OMIN chainThe type of handling fee is the most expensive, requiring 5 USDT, which is about 150 Taiwan dollars.
  • If you want the transfer to be safer, choose the Bitcoin networkOMIN chainType, although the fee for this chain type is a little higher, but the security is good.

Sadly, the world's largest blockchain exchange is also the USDT exchange I think is best for beginners - Binance, which was discontinued in April 2021OMNI NetworkDeposit and withdrawal services, so it is no longer possible to store usdt in Binance through the OMNI network. (For details, see the official announcement → Announcement on Binance Stopping Deposits and Withdrawals on OMNI Network)

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What is the difference between USDT stored value withdrawal ERC20, TRC20 and Omni?

Omni-USDT has the best security, but the transfer speed is too slow

Omni-USDTThe security is the best, but the transfer speed is too slow. If you have large orders that you are not in a hurry to trade, you can choose Omni-USDT first.

In 2014, USDT wasBitcoin networkIt was born on February 2015, and was officially launched on several major exchanges in February 2015. Before 2018,USDT transferThere is only one path, and that is based on the Bitcoin network.Omni-USDT. Omni-USDT is stored on a Bitcoin address, so every time you transfer, you need to pay Bitcoin as a miner fee. Omni-USDT is on the chain of the Bitcoin network, and the cost of hacking is very high, so the assets are relatively safe. However, its transaction speed is very slow and cannot meet the needs of today's encrypted trading market, but many large transactions will still tend to Omni-USDT.

The security and transfer speed of ERC20-USDT are in the middle

ERC20-USDTThe security and transfer speed are in the middle. Suitable for frequent transactions in the digital currency market. If you often do short-term transactions, you can choose ERC20-USDT first.

In 2018, the Ethereum network became popular, and the application of the blockchain also expanded in a large area, and ERC20-USDT appeared. andOmni-USDTSimilarly, the use of ERC20-USDT also requires payment of absenteeism fees, but the transfer speed has been significantly improved. Due to its good security and fast transfer speed, ERC20-USDT is widely accepted by the market, and the issuer of USDTTEDAalso began to support more efficientEthereum ERC20. Due to the relatively high composite index, it is more popular on mainstream trading platforms.

The transfer speed of TRC20-USDT is the fastest, but the security is relatively low

TRC20-USDTThe transfer speed is the fastest, and there is no handling fee for on-chain transfers, but the security is relatively low. It is suitable for friends who need to get to the account quickly. It is recommended to focus on small amounts. Now a transfer usually only takes a few minutes.

In 2019,TEDAAnnounced the issuance of USDT based on the TRC-20 protocol on TRON, and TRC20-USDT was born. At the time of issuance, it promised to be completely open and transparent, with zero transfer fees, and the account will be received in seconds. Unlike the previous two, there is currently no handling fee for TRC20-USDT transfers.

address styleBegins with numbers 1 or 3Number 0 and lowercase x startBegins with a capital letter T
use chainBTC networkEthereum EthereumTRON wave field chain
Internet congestionOccasionallyoftenalmost not
transfer speedslow
(0.6~2 hours)
(several minutes to tens of minutes)
(a few seconds to a few minutes)
handling feeHighest
(2~20 USDT)
(1~5 USDT)
safetyHighesthighlower than the other two
ERC20,TRC20,OmniThere is no difference between the three types of USDT in the exchange, but they are not interoperable on the chain, which means that the USDT on Omni cannot be transferred to the other two chains. so on the exchangeDeposit and Withdraw USDTBe sure to pay attention to the type of address, this is also the onlyUSDT riskBar.

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