Fuyou Hash Game 【Blockchain Game】

Fuyou Hash Game

【Blockchain Game】

Fuyou hash game 100% guarantees your safe gaming experience

Fuyou Hash Casino has launched 3 hash games, including RG Fuyou Lottery's "Blockchain 539" and "Blockchain Long Dragon" and DG Live's "Blockchain Baccarat". These games are not only exciting and fun, but also ensure the safety of players' funds through blockchain technology. Welcome everyone to experience these unique blockchain games!

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What are blockchain games?

Blockchain games are games that use blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a decentralized data storage technology that can be used to record information such as game status, game data, and player transactions. Blockchain games usually use smart contracts toEnsure the fairness and transparency of the game, and use a hash algorithm to ensure the security of game data. Therefore, blockchain games generally have higher security and reliability, so they are very popular among players.

What is the hash game?

Hash game is a game played through the Hash generated during transactions on the blockchain. Hash (also known as hash, hash, hash value) is a data encoding technology that generates fixed-length data through a series of complex algorithms. material.
Because Hash has "uniqueness" and "Immutable", and published on the blockchain, anyone can record all kinds of information (initiator, receiver, amount, remarks, etc.).

Hash Game Features


The hash game guarantees the fairness of the game through blockchain technology, ensuring that the results of each game are fair.


Blockchain technology makes the game process and results transparent, and players can check the game records at any time.

easy to learn

The game rules of the hash game are simple and easy to understand, and it is also easy for beginners to learn.


Hash game guarantees the security of players' funds through blockchain technology, ensuring that players' wealth will not be damaged for any reason during the game.

Hash Games vs Casino Games

indexhash gamecasino games
use technologyWeb3.0 (Blockchain + Hash hash)Web2.0 (traditional network technology)
Hash Game Information

Hash Game Information

Product Name: Blockchain 539, Long Dragon Betting, Blockchain Baccarat
Game Type: Lottery Games, Live Games
Game English: Blockchain 539, Long Betting, Blockchain Baccarat
Release date: April 6, 2022, January 31, 2022
Publisher: RG Fuyou Lottery, DG Live Games
Game Platform: Fuyou Hash Casino
Game rating: 18+

Hash Game【Blockchain Game Platform】

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【Blockchain game platform】

Fuyou Hash Entertainment City provides a brand new Chinese blockchain game. Players can participate in blockchain games on this platform and win bonuses through their skills and luck. In Taiwan's blockchain game market, Fuyou Hash Casino is a choice that provides a high-quality gaming experience.

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You can combine luck and strategy in the blockchain hash game, choose different betting methods to win higher bonuses,Up to 15300 times. In the game, you will feel the fairness and transparency guaranteed by blockchain technology, and you can win high bonuses through your skills and luck. Hurry up and join the blockchain hash game, challenge your luck, and enjoy the excitement brought by blockchain technology together!

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