Mars Hash Game
DApp blockchain game

Mars hash game platform adopts the latest technology of blockchain DApps

Mars Hash Game Platform
DApps using the latest blockchain technology

DApp Mars Hash Game Platform

Platform advantage

Mars Hash Game Platform - The entire network takes the lead in adopting "blockchain hash value" as the lottery result of the game. The platform has many years of operating experience, and has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity and fairness, users first".

Simple and fast

We pursue simple, smooth and fast prize distribution. You only need to use the Tronlink digital wallet to participate in the game. You don’t need to copy the address. You can bet with one click. The whole process adopts blockchain technology, and the prize is automatically returned within 10 seconds after winning. Compared with other Gaming platform, Mars Hash gives you a smoother gaming experience.

DApp Mars Hash Game Features

Mars Hash is committed to creating the world's only fair, just and open gaming ecology, subverting the drawbacks of traditional online casinos with adjustable probability, and combining the trust mechanism with the blockchain to make it impossible to fake and transparent. With the purpose of protecting customer information, property safety and improving user experience, it is a blockchain game platform that creates a new era of gaming.

Safe and reliable

Committed to ensuring the security of customer information and property, there is no need for real-name registration, no binding of any personal information, no risk of account freezing, no need for stored value deposits, no need to review withdrawal applications, no flow restrictions, and the platform's fund pool can be checked at any time, so there is no need to worry about platform funds breaking.

Open and transparent

We defend everyone's fair power and gaming experience. The block hash value is randomly generated based on the decentralized blockchain network. Anyone can query on the blockchain anytime, anywhere. All records are open, transparent and traceable. It can be followed, and the data cannot be manipulated by the platform. Mars Hash game platform is absolutely worthy of your trust.

DApp Mars Hash Game Types

electronic hash

fast hash

sporting events

DApp Mars Hash Game VS Online Casino

Mars hashOnline Casino
legalitytotally legalfew legal
Registration PrivacyNo personal information requiredPersonal information, bank information
risknonePersonal information leakage, legal issues
Game recordpublicNon-publicise
game oddspublicNon-public, with the possibility of tampering
Deposit speedStable and fastgenerally fast
Withdrawal speedStable and fastUnstable and cumbersome process
age limitnone18+

DApp Mars Hash Game VS Other Blockchain Casinos

Mars hashother hash
betting methodClick on the site to betManually enter the address to bet
Activity AwardClick to receiveManual distribution and withdrawal
jackpot poolpublicNon-publicise

Binding TRX wallet process

  • Click to apply for e-wallet
  • Enter the password and keep the notes
  • Register account and fill in wallet address

Download the wallet APP according to the device

Apply for an e-wallet

Bind e-wallet

How to withdraw, withdraw and transfer money from TRX wallet

The TronLink wallet is very simple to transfer money. The method is the same as when you deposit money. You must have the address of another Tron chain wallet before you can make money. The required information is as follows:

The address that accepts the account


Currency (TRX, USDT)

Remarks (optional)

How to exchange TRX back to TWD

Any virtual currency that needs to be exchanged for fiat currency must be exchanged through a virtual currency exchange, such as foreign exchanges that can exchange back US dollars:
Binance Binance, Coinbase, FTX and more.
If you want to exchange Taiwan dollars, you need to use Taiwan's cryptocurrency exchanges such as: Max, MaiCoin, etc.


DApp is the abbreviation of Decentralized Application, which is literally translated in Chinese as "decentralized application", which can also be understood as distributed application.

Decentralized applications are established based on the underlying development platform of the blockchain. For example, Ethereum and EOS, the relationship between DApp and the underlying platform is like APP and IOS and Android systems.

Most of the DApp user interfaces are poorly done. The use of these UI/UX interfaces is an illusion of fraud, but it is true that some people with intentions are targeting players who do not understand blockchain. Therefore, users It is best to go to some DApp platforms to use those DApps that are well-known and discussed in the community to reduce the risk of being scammed.

Hash game is a game played through the Hash generated during transactions on the blockchain. Hash (also known as hash, hash, hash value) is a data encoding technology that generates fixed-length data through a series of complex algorithms. material.

Because Hash is "unique" and "non-tamperable", and is published on the blockchain, anyone can access all kinds of information about the record (initiator, receiver, amount, remarks, etc.).

In fact, these three wallets all refer to the same thing, which is the wallet used to store TRON coins. TRON wallet is a decentralized wallet, and it uses local storage of private keys, physical isolation, and multi-layer algorithm encryption to ensure Data Security. At the same time, it also supports free node switching and breakpoint reconnection technology to ensure the stability and reliability of nodes.

TRX and all TRC-10 and TRC-20 currencies are supported on the TRON wallet, serving TRON users around the world. At the same time, it also supports resource freezing, thawing and voting, allowing users to deeply participate in the TRON ecological construction process.

Mars Hash Casino

The Mars Hash game platform adopts the latest blockchain technology DApps​. It is currently the top Dapp game in Taiwan. The advantages of the platform, simplicity and speed, openness and transparency, safety and reliability, are the advantages of the Mars game platform.

Operating System: Chrome, FirFox, Etherscan, Windows, Android

Application Category: blockchain game

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