Electronic wallet detailed registration teaching

7 steps to install the mobile version of TronLink app tutorial

Tutorial on creating a TronLink e-wallet on your phone​

This article is a mobile phone boardTronLink app teaching,computerBoard TronLink Teachingit's here:Tutorial on Creating TronLink Wallet on Chrome Browser

TronLink app teaching

if you don't already ownTRONTRON wallet, please install and apply TronLink wallet app,have TronLink Walletcan log in afterMars Hash Casino.

Spend time: 3 minutes
Cost: 0 $


1. Google Play or App Store

Create a TronLink wallet on your phone

Step 1: Install TronLink APP
TronLink app
Step 2: Apply for TronLink wallet
Click "Create Wallet" to create a wallet
TronLink e-wallet APP interface
Step 3: Agree to the Agreement
Click "Accept" to agree
TronLink Wallet Protocol
Step 4: Set a password
Enter e-wallet name, set password
TronLink Wallet Password
Step 5: Write down the annotations
Handwriting and backup annotations ⭐Do not use screenshots
TronLink Wallet Annotation Words
Step 6: Verify the annotation words
Select the annotated word corresponding to the number⭐ This action has 3 times
TronLink Wallet Annotation Words
Step 7: Create successfully
Successfully applied for TronLink e-wallet!!
TronLink e-wallet mobile interface

Go to Mars Hash Games

Open Tronlink wallet, click "Discover”, will open the built-in browser, manually enter the URL https://www.marshash.casino/?agt=dbbc3, a small window will pop up asking to link the wallet, select "Approve agree", successfully went to the Mars Hash platform! !

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