Fuyou Hash Game "Fuyou Lottery" "DG Live" hash game

Fuyou Hash Game "Fuyou Lottery" "DG Live"

Fuyou Hash Casino is a platform that provides a variety of hash games "Fuyou Lottery" and "DG Live". These hash games combine classic chess and card games and 539 lotto, and use blockchain technology for research and development.

In Fuyou Entertainment City, you can enjoy a variety of exciting gameplays such as 539, Baccarat, Niu Niu, Fried Golden Flower, Long Dragon, Sangong, and Dragon Tiger.

Fuyou lottery hash game

"Fuyou Lottery" is a lottery game developed by Fuyou Entertainment City. At the same time, they also developed the electronic game "Fuyou Electronics".

These games are designed to provide players with a variety of entertainment options, allowing them to enjoy a wonderful gaming experience in Fuyou Casino.

Fuyou lottery game types

Fuyou Lottery has 2 hash games:

  • Blockchain 539
  • Dragon Betting

Among them, "Blockchain 539" is a popular choice for players. All the classic 539 gameplays are available, and each kick-off has a corresponding hash value, excluding human operations to ensure the fairness of the hash gambling game.

"Blockchain 539" betting method:

  1. number bet
  2. double sided bet
  3. bet on ball color
  4. Chinese Zodiac
  5. Zodiac even
  6. mantissa
  7. sum double sided
  8. pass the level
  9. five digits
  10. Two, three, four stars
  11. choose one
  12. multiple choice failed

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DG real hash game

"DG Reality" is a real-life game developed by DG. Players need to enter through the Fuyou Entertainment City platform to play.

This live poker game brings players a realistic gaming experience, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of interacting with real dealers.

Types of DG live games

DG Reality has 5 hash games:

  • Blockchain Baccarat
  • Blockchain Dragon Tiger
  • Blockchain Fried Golden Flower
  • Blockchain Niuniu
  • Blockchain three public

Among them, "Blockchain Baccarat" is a popular choice for players, with classic gameplay, pair gameplay and dragon treasure gameplay.

DG Live Hall

It is worth noting that the DG live game has 5 halls:

  1. Flagship Hall
  2. Asian Room
  3. live hall
  4. Blockchain hall
  5. multi-table room

The hash game we want to play falls in the "Blockchain Hall".

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