5 Steps to Create a Tron Link for Tron Wallet on PC

5 Steps to Create a Tron Link for Tron Wallet on PC

Tutorial on Creating a TronLink Wallet on Chrome

This article isComputer version of TronLink teaching,Mobile phone board TronLink teachingit's here:Tutorial on creating a TronLink e-wallet on your phone

Create TronLink Teaching on Chrome Browser

if you don't already ownTRONTRON wallet, please install and apply TronLink Wallet,have TronLink Walletcan log in afterMars Hash Casino.

Spend time: 3 minutes
Cost: 0 $


1. Chrome browser
2. Google Account

Create TronLink Wallet on Chrome Browser

Step 1: Download the wallet plug-in
Download TronLink from the Chrome Web Store.
Download link:Chrome Web Store
Step 2: Apply for an e-wallet
If you are creating a wallet for the first time, please click "Create Wallet", if you already have a wallet on the Tron chain before, click "Import Wallet"
Create TronLink Wallet
Step 3: Enter the password and keep the notes
Enter your password and keep your notes.
⭐ Please copy the annotated words by hand, do not use screenshots or copies to access
TronLink Wallet Password
Step 4: Successfully create an application wallet
After successfully creating a wallet, if you are already in Mars Hash Casino, the website will ask you to "link", just click "link".
TronLink e-wallet interface
Click the "Login" button at the top right of the website, the website will send a signature requesting TronLink wallet, click "Signature"
TronLink Wallet Signature

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